Security Training

If you need to train your team on safety in an efficient way, forget brochures and test sheets. With "Security Training" users can physically locate emergency exits, fire extinguishers, meeting points, etc.. It's the closest thing to a drill in real installations and with the bonus of minimizing costs and without stopping the production process.

ROV Simulator

Achieving the skills to manage a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) requires training. Minimize risks, anticipate operations, etc ... with our ROV Simulator. A virtual simulation based training allows to acquire psychomotor skills through repetition of movements, ensuring right response at cases where could be endangered human lives, materials or environment.

Customer Service Simulator

Our Customer Service Simulator provides a virtual tool to train conflictive situations in social, military, policing environments and in general in any interactive trainable situation. The system builds automatically a virtual interactive environment where the character reacts to the user actions according to the defined exercise (and also a bit of common sense).