Interactive Virtual Model: Gijón


Promoting tourism in the city of Gijón using an interactive system that makes the user protagonist of an adventure through the culture and history of the city.


Easy to handle Interactive Virtual Model which allows flying throughout the entire municipality of Gijón, showing information from featured cultural elements (monuments, churches, museums, etc).

The Interactive Virtual Model of Gijón, allows virtual flights over the entire city of Gijón. We have developed a visualization system for displaying, in real-time, terrain information in high resolution. Currently, height data are composed with resolution of 5 cm and 10 m in mesh resolution. To provide the final appearance, the mesh generated with altimetry data is texturized from aerial photographs with a resolution of 5 cm.

On the ground are arranged cultural elements (monuments, churches, museums, etc.), modeled in 3D, which can be visited during the flight. All elements have associated metadata, or what is the same, relevant information about themselves. For example, the user can get photos of a building, know its history, its author, and so on.

The Interactive Virtual Model of Gijón uses MadView technology.

The Interactive Virtual Model of Gijón was presented in the 53rd edition of the Trade Fair of Asturias (FIDMA 2009).

Stand FIDMA 2009