System that simplifies the process of creating interactive virtual models, allowing editing and viewing real-time 3D terrains and items.


Suite of applications configurable, extensible and easy to use.


MadView is a real-time terrain viewer, fast and with high definition that allows interactively exploring three-dimensional terrains. Real-time viewers are dynamic software modules that need to be extensible to be able to adapt to changes that happensd in elements they represent. This system allows users to manipulate and update data of their viewers, helping to configure architectural elements of a geographical area for later viewing in 3D.

MadView application package includes MadEditor tool that provides a simple way to add custom cultural elements, such as buildings, monuments and other places of interest. It can import files from major 3D modeling programs. Each cultural element has associated metadata, fully configurable, which contain useful information for the user, such as explanatory text, pictures, etc. Also, MadEditor allows the definition of routes, i.e. predefined paths to explore cultural elements. Each route is stored separately and is accessible by the end user.

MadView also allows sessions recording, in order to create custom flight videos, either manually or through predefined routes. These videos are useful promotional tools and the use of standard video codecs ensures compatibility with streaming online services (YouTube, etc.).

MadView has been used for the development of the Interactive Virtual Model of Gijón.